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Festivids yay - All Maps Welcome
I Know I'm Right Running Into This Night Running Another Dream To The Ground
Festivids yay
Dear Festividder

Before I begin I just want to say feel free to ignore everything in this letter, like the Pirate code there more like guidelines anyway. I always pick fandoms that I really just want to see vids for so whatever you do I'm sure I'll love it. However I know it's a lot harder to fill a request than it is to make something you are inspired to create so if you need a few ideas hopefully this letter will help you out.

Music - I like all kinds of music, honestly anything from country to rap. I guess my soft spot is for rock and folk singer songwriters like Josh Ritter or James Vincent McMorrow but my tastes are wide ranging so whatever fits for you and your vid.

Dream High
I love all the girls on this show but particularly Hye Mi so if you want to make a vid concentrating on her that would be great. If you want to make a ship vid for any of the couples that would be great too(I ship Hye Mi more with Jin Gook rather than Sam Dong but if you'd like to make a Hye mi/Sam Dong vid that's fine) I'd love an ensemble vid about all the characters or a fun performances vid too.

Freaks and Geeks
I love this show. Lindsay Weir is one of my favourite characters ever. I'm drawn a little more to the freaks than the geeks but that doesn't mean that I don't like the geeks, (clearly Bill is awesome) so if you want to do an all series encompassing vid or a crack Bill vid that would be fine. I ship Lindsay/Daniel but I also like Kim/Daniel and the friendship between Lindsay and Kim.

Oh Hustle how do I love thee. I love the breaking of the fourth wall, I love the hustles. I love the cast, especially from the first seasons, Mickey, Danny, Stacie, Ash and Albert. Again an ensemble vid would be cool but I love all the characters so if you want to concentrate on one character particularly Stacie or Ash then that would be fine too.

Lilo & Stitch
I'd love a vid looking at Lilo and Nani and Stitch's journey to become a family. A vid about Nani trying to hold everything together would also be good. I love Lilo, she's such an awesome, amazing, fun kid so a vid about her would be great too.

I love how this movie looks and I think there's a really good action vid to be had from this movie. I love Nick and Cassie of course but I also love all the more minor characters like Emily (Ming-Na) and Hook. I think a Pop Girl vid could be awesome too.

I would love anything for this show, anything at all. I love Tim and Daisy and Tim/Daisy and Mike and Marsha and Brian and Twist and Colin :D I love the po p culture references. Just really anything, as long as it's fun :D

That '70s Show
That 70s Show was the comedy for me and my brothers. We still quote it at each other. I love everyone on the show in particular I love Jackie and Hyde and Hyde/Jackie but I also Kelso, Donna, Fez and Eric and I love the whole gang together. I also love the parents particularly Red and Kitty. Basically as far as I'm concerned you can do no wrong with vidding this show.

The West Wing
I'd love a Charlie, CJ, Toby or Donna character vid or a Bartlet family vid or an episodic vid for the two 20 hours in America episodes. But to be honest you could make me anything for this show and I would love it, a Josh vid, a Josh/Donna vid, a Will vid, an ensemble vid I would honestly love anything.
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